Saturday, February 28, 2009

Necromunda Game #2

Necromunda round 2. Bought the official terrain on ebay. Had a good game with Andrew Finke. He had two rounds of terrible shooting, followed by a phenomenal round of shooting which forced me to bow out and try to stop the bleeding. I maybe should have gone one more round to try to stand some of my guys up, but it could have gotten even worse.
At the end of the game I rolled awesome on the serious injury chart, and most of my guys got away scott free. One guy got a head injury and now before each battle has to roll a dice to see whether he is stupid or frenzied. One of Finke's gangers lost his left eye. I leveled up my Leader and rolled sweet on the Techno skills chart (armorer = +1 to all gang ammo check rolls). Finke rolled on the Shooting chart and got "gunslinger" for his leader, the ability to shoot with a pistol in each hand.
Me trying to sneak up on Finke - He would end up raining down on me. My heavy got taken out again before I could use him.
Gangers stalking around the ruins of the Underhive. These guys ate a frag grenade
Finke's Heavy finds some nice cover. He won the game and ended up with one of my territories, which is a big hit to my income.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tomb Kings infantry

I hope Richter brings 4 Scorpions for specials and never plays Tomb Guard since I only spent about a day of my life making this unit. I had a good start on the unit, then started watching "The Civil War" by Ken Burns as I painted. I finished the documentary before I got done painting the unit.

Seth wanted more skeleton archers. Got this batch done, only 25 more to go!

mounted TK plus Bone Giant