Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tribute to Natural Light

I've drinken a lot of Natural Light over the course of my many modelling and painting sessions. Today I went to the fridge and saw on the Natty box something I had not before seen - a glossary of natty terminology that I thought was funny. I happened to have some left over boxes laying around and they were all quite funny - here they are

nattrick and natisfaction are my favorites - nice idea from the marketing folks at Natural Light

Monday, June 22, 2009

first batch of skinks

I'm ten skinks deep into my lizardmen army. I'm also getting sick of my camera - it is old and the close up feature doesn't give me enough of a close up. My saurus test model is close, but needs a little more thought put into the spikes on his back. If I roll, I think I can still get it done by july 18th. I've been playing the list alot and will probably roll them out again on thursday.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Dragon game fun in Marshalltown

My new terrain - mostly made out of Natural Light 12 packs.

So my new dragon game buddy Wes and I have started a mini-campaign. Before each game we play about a 200 point skirmish and whoever wins that gets some sort of advantage in the larger scale game. It is a blast and it has encouraged me to try my hand at building some terrain rather than playing with boxes, books, and pringles cans.

The docks - VC took over a cargo ship and charged the boat house in the skirmish!

Empire trying to reclaim the defiled church and village.

Lizzies are spawned

Here is the basic army that I fielded yesterday. I have more stuff that is not shown here but this is the first stage. I think I can get everything based today with a strong effort and start primer coating tomorrow.