Monday, February 18, 2008

Snow Day Production

I finished painting my unit of Eternal Guard today. I love not going to work because of the weather. Oops - its snowing out - Jesse doesn't have to go to work. So anyway, I just have to put the snow on the bases and this unit is done. How sweet is the magnetic base? This way d-bags that splash the pot with huge casino dice won't piss me off. Well, they will still piss me off, but at least they won't send my models flying. For the main base, I put down a layer of that magnet tape, and then each guy has a little 'rare-earth' magnet on his base. It's a pretty tight hold - any tighter and it would be difficult to remove the model.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Recent Production

This weekend, I didn't have anything going on - so I got back into painting and modeling. I got all 12 of my Dryads painted to this level - not sure if i will do more highlighting or not. I need to pick up another box somewhere to complete my list. Also, I started doing the detail work on my High Elves (used as Eternal Guard Unit.)
It gets easy to lose the desire to sit around and paint this shit. Today's distractions included some decent movies on Starz - Captain Ron, The Rock, followed by American Gladiators Finale, and Knight Rider season opener. Its amazing I got anything done at all. I hope to play some WH in March - and then May starts the summer tournament routine.

Treekin underway

My idea of making treekin look like creatures of the forest was lambasted by Nietzel. I still like the idea, and have continued modeling them - the sad thing is, he was right and they look kind of gay. So I am making a bunch more tree looking dudes from dowels and greenstuff. The top models are almost complete and the bottom ones, in the beginning stage. These bastards take a long time to make, but still better than paying 15 bucks a pop for them i suppose.

Noble on Great Eagle

I pieced together this female Noble from the Battalion box leftovers. I bought this Great Eagle on eBay about a year ago. I don't have this in my initial list, but it may be an effective unit in future variant lists.

More horseys

Awhile ago, I got some more horses painted to the point where they are almost done. Also, I constructed 12 Glade Guard and 12 Glade Guard Scouts (not pictured). I put together the other ten or so Glade Riders (horsey guys). I have all of these models based and primed.