Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pump Wagons

Nietzel always makes gives me crap about having two Giants in my Orcs and Goblins list. So I have recently thrown together two Snotling pump wagons to replace one Giant. (Pump Wagons are a two for one rare option for O&G.) I didn't want to pay the 30+ bucks for each of them, so I decided to scratch build them instead. I bought a packet of 15 snotlings for 15 bucks - the packet had been opened and taped shut and it appeared to have more dudes in it than the other snotling packet at the store, whichs was weird - perhaps I inadvertently gave myself a five finger discount on some of these guys. These conversions came out better than I anticipated, and once they are based, should add some variation to my mounted O&G list.


Andrew said...

They look pretty nice man.

Blair said...

These are awesome. A low budget often inspires creativity.