Monday, June 22, 2009

first batch of skinks

I'm ten skinks deep into my lizardmen army. I'm also getting sick of my camera - it is old and the close up feature doesn't give me enough of a close up. My saurus test model is close, but needs a little more thought put into the spikes on his back. If I roll, I think I can still get it done by july 18th. I've been playing the list alot and will probably roll them out again on thursday.


Blair said...

The basing looks really good. Did you buy those small ferns or make them from something?

jd said...

the ferns and stuff is just plastic plants that are cut up. I wish my camera didn't suck so much. I can't get decent focus upclose, even in 'up close' mode. Blair, you inspired me to put eyeballs on this army!